Dear Blaize:


The head of my local library, here in West Hurley, NY (near Woodstock) got me interested in reading your books.  I had a hard time getting into Curiosity....;  I felt that you put in unnecessary lines describing ordinary life things, like "she opened the washer lid" or "she took the straw and jabbed it into the "x" on the lid", paraphrasing here.  Well, is probably partly due to that aspect of your writing style that puts me right into your books.  I'm a really picky reader.  I've loved Nora Roberts, Spencer, Diane Mott Davidson, the Cat Who books, MC Beaton, Sandra Brown.  You are now my favorite.  I'm going to have to read some other books in between yours, so I don't mourn the loss of more of your books.  Keep writing!  Your characters are so real, and the things that come out of Dixie's head are smart, funny, sad, philosophical...a complete person.

 Thank you for putting together these wonderful stories!  I am enjoying them so much!

 Heather Boers


I chuckled reading your description of Dixie’s attention to little details, Heather. And I’m humbled that you’ve come to see me as your favorite author, especially in the company of those writers I love. I’m working now on the 7th book in the series. The 6th, CAT SITTER AMONG THE PIGEONS, will be out in January 2011. I’ll let you know when a release date has been made official.






Dear Blaize:


I read your first book because it was set in my favorite vacation spot,

Midnight Pass Road,  I purchased the rest because the stories are good!.

My sister and I have fun trying to see if we know some of the places you

write about.  I always check Amazon and Barnes and Noble to see if you have

a new book out and I have also done advance purchases.  Just thought I

would let you know  how much I enjoy your books and look forward to Dixie's

next adventure.


Betty Corp


Thanks so much, Betty! I appreciate your note, and I’ll let you know when the next book is out.






Dear Blaize:


I don't have a question. I just wanted to say nice things about your writing. I was unaware of you until I chanced upon your latest work. I needed something to read while I did my laundry. I could say that it ended up ruining my day, as I finished novel by that same afternoon, but no ruination was involved. It was a pleasure to spend the day with Dixie and her crew.

Your characters are nice and lively, and you spin a good yarn. I wanted to know what happened next, so I kept turning the pages. that's really it, isn't it? A good, entertaining book keeps you looking forward to the next scene.

Now, i'm a cranky old fart who has been known to write authors to castigate them about flaws in their books. I once wrote Rupert Holmes because he had a musician in his book playing a Guild guitar in 1939 (Guild started production in 1952). But I have no bone to pick here. I let myself enjoy your story, and I thank you for it.

Dave Bedini


Cranky old farts are my favorite people, Dave, especially when they’re bright and discerning and fun. I hope you continue to enjoy Dixie’s adventures, and that you never find glaring goofs in my writing. (Although I did once give a snowy egret the wrong color legs. I got mail about it, too!)






Dear Blaize:


I have never left messages to my favorite authors before. Knowing that, there are things from your latest book ( the only one I have read) Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs, that I was enthralled about and hence my contacting you. I love animals and have some myself. I live outside of Orlando. It is the middle of July and reading your book outside on the covered lanai I was dripping with perspiration and laughing about the Northern family and friends calling to come visit in the summer (I call this time of year "our winter" since I run from the air conditioned house to the air conditioned car to the air conditioned store and back). I laughed about the rain slicker you have because I am not smart enough to own one I just wing it and pray that I don't get caught in a down pour or be seen by someone afterwards. I have my fears of umbrellas and lightning so I seem to not use one just in case I might get struck while trying to stay dry during that "running" I spoke about. To the point if I can remember what that was: You really are a great writer and I was sad to finish the novel.

 I found your book at the Seminole County library.  They do not have the other novels you have written. I will have to hunt in stores for them. I am a fast read and I don't buy novels very often because my pocket book would be empty and my library full. Your writing is similar to Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich, both authors which I have read many. Laughing and crying are some of the best emotional releases a person can experience and you provided that to me.  This is the time now for me to say Thank You, Ms. Clement. I hope to be entertained by your wit and talent for years to come.

 Karen Knaus Burns


Karen, I am extremely flattered that you wrote me. And I relate to your fear of lightning. If I’m in the pool and an itty bitty rain cloud appears in the sky, I start scrambling out. I don’t mind being rained on while I’m swimming, but Florida’s lightning is scary.






Dear Blaize:


Not so much of a question, but a comment - I recently discovered your books, and am so delighted! I love the way I can step right into the novel and be there, which only happens in  the best books. I can take a Florida vacation without leaving Canada. And, being a cat lover (can't imagine a day without my 2 furry friends), I am very happy to have learned more about them and how to make their lives better.

 Thank you so much -

Lindsay Watson


And a big thank you back, Lindsay! I love novels that I can feel myself in too, and I’m glad you’re able to do that with Dixie. Thanks so much for your note.






Dear Blaize:


I would like to know if there is a tentative release date for your next book. I have enjoyed all of the pet sitter books immensely. My mom and 2 friends are now fans as well. Can't wait to see what happens to Dixie next.

Best Regards,

 Sue Encke


I don’t think a target date has been set yet, Sue, but most likely it will be around the middle of January. That’s the time the other five books have been released. I’ll let you know when to look for the next one. Thanks for asking! And my best to you, your mom, and all you friends of Dixie.






Dear Blaize:


I discovered your book series last summer. I read all four very quickly and couldn't wait for the next one. I am a teacher and tend to readore in the sumer. When is your next book coming out? Thanks so much, Janine Lurie


Actually, Janine, there have been five books in the series: CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT SITTER, DUPLICITY DOGGED THE DACHSHUND, EVEN CAT SITTERS GET THE BLUE, CAT SITTER ON A HOT TIN ROOF, and RAINING CAT SITTERS AND DOGS. Look for the sixth one in early 2011. I’ll let you know when it’s out.






Dear Blaize:


I was delighted to discover your books. It’s not easy to find mysteries that have that great blend of intelligent writing, some humour (Canadian spelling!), and an actual mystery. I devour whodunits but I don’t want them to be completely grim. I also love to laugh. In Canada we have a large bookstore chain that goes by the names of Chapters, Indigo or Coles. They are quite slow in carrying your latest books. Is there any way to speed them up?




I passed your note to my publisher, Ann, but I think the problem lies with the distributor to those chain stores. More than likely, boxes of books change hands several times before they finally end up on Canadian shelves, so the process can be slow. But thank you for waiting for the books, and than you for your lovely compliments!






Dear Blaize:


My mother recommended your books and I’ve enjoyed them very much!


I have worked with dogs for 23 years in Texas Hearing & Service Dogs, and I wanted to ask you if you are aware that some Assistance Dog training organizations use dogs adopted from animal shelters in their training program. We have done so for our entire 23 years with an equal or greater level of success than the groups that breed.

 It’s very cool to “turn strays into stars” and show the world that mix breeds, adult dogs, dogs thrown away by other people can be rescued and transformed to sophisticated pieces of assistance technology.  We hope that people will be inspired to adopt adult shelter animals when they see what we can do with them.

 The other main point about which I’m really proud is that we use all positive training.  No corrections, no metal collars (choke, pinch) no aversives at all. It’s very similar to marine animal training and we’ve been fortunate enough to have been mentored by leaders in the marine animal training world for the past 15 years.

There is nothing better than not only helping a person live with greater independence, security and unconditional love and also knowing you’ve saved an animal’s life in the process.


Sheri Soltes

Texas Hearing & Service Dogs

4803 Rutherglen

Austin, TX 78749

(512) 891-9090


 I did not know that, Sheri, and I think it’s so inspiring that I’ve put your address and phone number so people who might need one of your assistance dogs can contact you. Thanks for letting me know about your program.


Dear Blaize:


We love your books, and the way you write them. However, has it occurred to you how many people would still be alive if you hadn't written about them?? Just finished "Raining" and are patiently waiting for the next episode......Dick


Ha! Thanks for your note, Dick.






Dear Blaize:


I just finished reading RAINING CAT SITTERS AND DOGS.  I am trying to de-clutter my home, and in the process, I misplaced this 5th book and was crazy till I finally found where I buried it this month. I had it since January!  The cover cat looks just like my MANDY, and that tickled me so very much!! I have loved reading every word that you have written in this series, so far. I found the first book at the SALVATION ARMY THRIFT SHOP, and chose it cause it seemed to be about pets. Found the second on Ebay as I was looking for it, and it wasn't in the bookstores here. Bought the last three from the online Barnes and Noble bookstores, and even went to order through PRE-SALE to be sure I got them immediately FULL PRICE!!!  You are worth every penny, and my intention is not to wait a single moment longer than I have to, to get the new books!  Plus, I have learned a lot about taking better care of my cat, just by following DIXIE'S directions! Mandy the Manx appreciates that!!!

I actually get so sad as I see the pages nearing the end of the book. It is so addicting, like a vacation in a magical land. As I get to your rather OH SO SURPRISING ENDINGS, I am both HAPPY and WISTFUL all at the same time! I had to read the first four books twice, while waiting for the fifth, till I found it again!! Now, I am waiting for the sixth! I am so happy that you are being nominated for literary awards, because that means you will definitely be writing more books in THIS WONDERFUL SERIES!!!  I am one of your biggest fans!!!

Candy Eve in California


Pre-sale and full price are words that warm the cockles of a writer’s heart, Candy. I appreciate you note and your loyalty. I hope I continue to live up to both of them. The next book will be out early next year. I’ll let you know when to look for it.






Dear Blaize:


Well, I've read all your oh-so-welcome pet sitter books; hope there will be more coming. I wish to thank you for the hints regarding felines.  I have all my long life been a dog owner, but when my beloved mini red poodle and with my aging body, my attending physician advised that I should get a cat.

 Bella, female tabby Manx, was at the no-kill animal shelter in Ruskin, FL and she chose me by climbing up my left jean clad leg, while I was studying a yellow feline on a tower.

 That was three years ago, and we have bonded beautifully. In addition to a Cat book I purchased and now with your advices, we are doing very well. She is comical, therefore, laughter rings in my home. Just a few minutes ago I heard her get on the futon back of me and I asked: "Are you okay?"  She replied: "what?" So, we had to chat a bit. She is amazing. Anyway, please come up with another book soon.



Bella sounds like a very smart girl, and so do you. Give that choosy kitty a smooch for me. I’ll let you know when the next book is out.






Dear Blaize:


Completely addicted and already have 2 friends addicted (and one of them is a pet sitter).

When can we expect more?

 New fan,

Cari Arn


Thanks for your note, Cari. The next book will be out early next year. I’ll let you know when to look for it.






Dear Blaize:


I get a big kick out of your descriptions of Florida, particularly about the heat, humidity and bugs. I also enjoy your insights into dating and understanding men.  I am the daughter of a borderline and a sociopath, each on their second marriage. Needless to say, parenting skills were not their strong suit.  At 43, I find myself reading your book and thinking "*other* people feel that way??"  It is a very empowering, enlightening experience. I think your background as a therapist brings a great deal to your characters, and particularly their arcs.

Right now I live with two gay male roommates and their two cats and dogs.  All the animals have already benefited from things I learned in the books.  Frankly, so has my relationship with my roommates :-)

As a writer myself, I understand how arduous the process of book writing can be, and also how fickle the market is.  I think there is great value in your books, and I hope you continue to write them.


Dixie L.


Thanks so much, Dixie. I always love hearing from readers, but I’m especially gratified to know that my books do a little more than merely entertain.






Dear Blaize:


Just finished reading  Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs! As with your prior Dixie Hemingway books, I loved it! My favorite yet! When will the next book be coming out. I cannot wait and thanks for the entertaining series!!


Richmond, VA


Thanks very much, Pat. RAINING CAT SITTERS AND DOGS has been the favorite of a lot of readers. I loved it too, and felt a little lonely when had to stop living with Jaz and the people who loved her. She’s still in the back of my mind as if she were a real girl growing up on Siesta Key.


Dear Blaize:


I am a avid fan of your books. I am sorry to say that I have never even heard of you two months ago but I am so glad that I stumbled over your first book (literally). I live in Brisbane, Australia so there is no chance of seeing you in person. I read a lot of books and for me, there are few authors whose first book will enchant me straight away and you were one of them. You are in one of my must-have-when-it-comes-out list (it is a great honour lol). Do you know the title of your next book? I am just about to start reading Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs and right now I am rooting for Guidry to be with Dixie - sorry Ethan. Thank you so much for writing and please don't stop any time soon!


Fathia Tayib


Thanks, Fathia! I love it when people discover Dixie for the first time. I’m not absolutely sure, but I think the publisher’s final decision on a title for the next book is CAT SITTER’S CRADLE. It’ll be out early next year, and I’ll let you know when it will be in bookstores. Right now I’m working on the one that will be out in 2012. I have no intention of stopping!


Dear Blaize:


This is not a question but a fan letter from someone in their 50's who never wrote a fan letter in my life (oops I might have wrote one to Huey Lewis years ago ) I can't wait for your next book . I got my friends reading you also. I visualize the entire book from cover to cover. Please don't change a thing and no vacations for you---keep writing....thanks

janis watkins  in milwaukee.


How cool to be included with Huey Lewis! A big thanks to you and please give my best to your friends.


Dear Blaize:


I live in Nottingham, plum in the middle of England:  many miles from the sea and very very different from Gulf of Mexico Drive.  I have just finished reading "Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund" and have been so engrossed and entertained.   I have to read in Large Print, and cannot wait to find out if any of your other titles are produced in Large Print.  I will head straight for my library tomorrow!!.

 Many years ago me and my husband joined his brother (who lives in Canada ) when they were spending three months in Florida:  we stayed on Long Boat Quay.  I could visualize the scenes you were describing - the wild life, the birds.  It was a magical vacation.  Thank you for reviving my memories.



Thanks, Joan. I hope you come back to this part of the world again. All of the books are in large print, or will be. I hope you’re able to get them.


Dear Blaize:


It's not a question I have - I just wanted to tell you, I like your books.

Unfortunately, only 2 of them are translated in german.

My husband and I were several times in the USA, but last month for the first

time in Florida, exactly in Bradenton. And when we visited Siesta key - I

really tried to imagine and find out, where Dixie is living, which could be

the houses of her clients.

You see - Dixie is also loved in good old Europe - and in Switzerland. From

my country I send my best wishes and the hope, that all your books well be

translated soon!

Barbara Umiker Krüger


I hope so too, Barbara, and I’ve passed along your note to the people who have control of that. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope more will be out soon. Thanks very much for writing.


Dear Blaize:


I am an avid reader and I love your books !!!!!  I am 81 years old and my husband died in 2006 . We had been happily married since 1951 . He was a bookworm  also. I have 2 daughters and they are readers, as well. I love the Dixie books.  Will there be another one coming?


Those of us who love to read will never be lonely because we have so many fictional companions. Good for you for instilling a love of reading in your daughters! Look for the next Dixie book early next year.



Dear Blaize:


When is your next book coming out?  I have just discovered your books and really enjoy them.  I love Dixie.  My niece is a pet sitter, so I can identify with Dixie.  Fortunately, my niece hasn’t discovered any dead bodies! I love animals and was so touched by the plot involving Maizie and Jeffrey.  That was so sweet; dogs and cats are the greatest, aren’t they? I can’t wait to read your next book and I hope you keep writing this series for a long time.  Thanks for making my free time so enjoyable!!

 Maria Oberle


Look for the next book early next year, Maria. And I hope your niece never has any of Dixie’s adventures. At least not the bad ones. We’d all like to have the good ones.


Dear Blaize:


Please let us know there are more Dixie books coming.  I just happened upon the first in the series and after reading it, ran right out and picked up the other four. That was ten days ago and am so impressed, touched, wounded and longing for more (recently semi-retired and more personal time).

They have prodded some very introspective moments.  Your adventures are wonderfully connected; characters are real with real situations and depth of emotions.

 They also remind me to give a few minutes more to all my animals and listen more closely to what they have to say.

For all of avid readers – don’t stop writing.   They are wonderful.

 Dinah Jeffries


The sixth book is in production right now, Dinah, and I’m busy writing the seventh one. You’re the first person to be wounded by one of my books! I love it, and love you for telling me.


Dear Blaize:



Just finished Raining Cats and Dog Sitters, great book.  When will the next

book appear and will Dixie and Guidry get to "know" each other in the

Biblical sense?


San Antonio, TX


Ah, Pete, I can’t give away their secrets. At least not yet. But page 94 of the next book is pretty steamy!


Dear Blaize:


I am not an animal lover by any means.  I don't dislike animals and I don't want to see any abused, but I do not want a pet.   So your books would never be ones that I would look at and say I must read that.  But my Reading w/Suzanne, it has taught me that you should not judge a book by its cover.  I love your stories and plan on going out and purchasing them so that I can read the whole book.   Thanks for helping me see a different side to animals.   Barbara C


You make a good point, Barbara. The Dixie Hemingway series has pets in it, but you don’t have to be crazy about animals to enjoy the stories. Thanks for writing.



Dear Blaize:


I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your Dixie Hemingway series.  My husband and I had a condo in Bonita Springs, Florida for about three years, and I recognize the descriptions of birds, vegetation and people types.  I particularly enjoy the descriptions of the pets Dixie cares for, especially the dogs.  We have three:  a Cairn terrier (very sure of himself and comfortable in his world), a Bischon Frise (very loving and needs reassuring constantly that he is loved), and a Maltese, five-pounder (confident that he is in charge of his world and everyone in it).  We have visited friends in Sarasota but never made it to Siesta Key, an oversight we must rectify in the future.  Thank you for all the hours of pleasure.  I look forward to the next book in the Dixie series.  Janice K. Wilhoit, Springfield, Missouri


Thanks, Janice! Your dogs sound delightful. I like their attitudes.



Dear Blaize:


When can we look forward to a new adventure for Dixie? I just discovered your series and read all 5 one after the other and cannot wait for the next one to come out. Bravo! for a great character. By the way, your cat is beautiful. Thanks for a great series.



I appreciate your note, John. I haven’t been given a definite publication date yet, but the sixth book will probably be out early 2011. Seems weird to be thinking next year when this year has barely started, but authors and publishers are always working at least a year ahead. While St. Martin’s production people are formatting and printing the sixth book, I’m working on the seventh, which won’t be out until 2012.


Dear Blaize:


I was introduced to your books thru the “Dear Reader” club as were many others.  Because of that I had your new book on reserve at my local library way in advance and have already read it and enjoyed it as much as your other Dixie books.  She seems like such a real person and both of the “almost” love interests sound intriguing.  Can’t wait for the next adventure.



You’re right, Barb. DearReader was Dixie’s first big exposure, and I’m very grateful to Suzanne for introducing my books to her multitude of readers.


Dear Blaize:


I have already read your new book and loved it. As soon as I knew it was coming out, I put a hold on it at my local library. I have enjoyed all of your books and am anxiously awaiting your next one.

 Karen Hart


Thanks, Karen! I’m busy writing the next one.


Dear Blaize:


Raining Catsitters and Dogs is wonderful!!!  A copy has just arrived in Longmont, Colorado as a birthday present for my 87 year old mother.  Thanks for being such a good author.



What a good daughter you are, Linda! Thanks for choosing Dixie as a gift for your mom.


Dear Blaize:



I do not have a question. I am writing to thank you for your books. I am

just finishing Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs. Your books are very good on all

levels. They are educational about pets and pet care. We have 2 Doxies and a

1 year old Min Pin. The puppy was supposed to be part Doxie from Doxie

Rescue. She has been an adventure. Your books are a fun read, a good trip to

Siesta Key and a good mystery. I enjoy your wit and wisdom. I read a great deal and adopt authors; Clancy, Grisham, Koontz, Baldacci, Cussler, Jefferson Parker and two other Florida greats; Randy White and Carl


Thank you again. Keep up the great work.



Thanks very much for your note, Jim. You’ve put me in great company, and I appreciate it!



Dear Blaize:


I was introduced to your books by Suzanne Beecher in her online mystery book club, when she featured “Duplicity Dogged The Daschund” a couple years ago.  She was giving away copies of the book that week, and for the first time ever, I entered the contest.  I remember writing to Suzanne about how the book captivated me from the very first paragraph, and how by the third paragraph I was ready to pack up and move to Siesta Key!  Well, I didn’t win a book, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  By the time I had read the first few chapters through the book club, I knew that I needed to get to know this Dixie person a lot better.  I ordered all the books you had out at the time, and am now a proud owner of the entire series.  I am in love with Dixie and her family and friends, and I love the way you write them.  They all feel like “real” people to me, and I adore them all.

 This past February, I was in Florida visiting my parents and we spent a day in Bradenton and Sarasota, visiting a friend that had recently moved there from Wisconsin.  While we were having lunch, I started telling her about you and your books.  I couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful the series is, and how you make Siesta Key really come alive in your descriptions.  Apparently, I made enough of an impression that after I went home, my friend found and read all of your books.  Last week, I had a wonderful surprise when I opened a package from her that contained your newest book -- autographed, even!  Barb had gone to your book signing at the Braden River Library and sent me the book as a thank you for introducing her to your wonderful stories.  She said how much she enjoyed meeting and chatting with you.  I hope I get that same opportunity some day, and will keep checking your website to see if a book signing ever coincides with one of my frequent trips to Florida.  My husband and I will be coming down at Christmas and plan on spending a couple days on the Gulf coast.  I’ve already been looking into lodging at Siesta Key and can’t wait to experience this beautiful place firsthand.

 Thank you, Blaize, for writing such wonderful books and creating characters that I would love to have as my own friends.  Not to mention making me want to move to Siesta Key!  The Visitor’s Board there should be paying you!

 Holly Meyer

Evansville, Wisconsin


How nice to hear from you, Holly! Your note sums up the way friendship works, spreading the word about things we especially enjoy. Almost every reader I hear from tells the same story about being introduced to Dixie by a friend or relative, and it always makes me smile. I decided early on not to go out and churn the waters of publicity because I figured people would either like my stories or they wouldn’t. I thought if they did, they’d tell other people about them, and that’s what has happened. That makes me feel as if all my readers and I are in a circle of friendship. Nothing could be better!

PS: I love the photo you sent of the tall iced glass sitting next to Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs. A perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon.


Dear Blaize:


I just finished reading your latest book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now I am going to check out your others and read them too - thank you!


You’re welcome! And thank you for writing.


Dear Blaize:


I have just discovered your books and read all of them in the last few weeks. I love animals, have 4 dogs myself. I live in the Chattanooga, TN area, moved here in May, 2006. Prior to that I spent the last 20 yrs in Venice, FL. Attended church at St. Boniface. The areas that you describe in your stories make me long for Sarasota County and its lovely beaches. I still have family in the Venice area and will be visiting soon. Just wanted to thank you for evoking precious thoughts and memories of the area that I love so much.

 Thank you,

Jean Reschenthaler


Venice is a lovely place. Next time you visit, drop by the Sand Dollar book store. It’s one of Venice’s best assets!





Dear Blaize:


OH MY GOSH!!!  Although I have now read ALL of your wonderful mysteries, I just finished "Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter"!!  What a page-turner--and the solution to the murderers was a mystery in itself!!  I absolutely love your books....and hope that we can expect (and enjoy) many, many more!!  I can't say enough about you as an author....superb in every way!  Thanks for hours of pure enjoyment--you certainly take me into another world--away from so much turmoil in this one!!!

Sandra Lea


That may be why I enjoy writing the Dixie Hemingway mysteries so much, Sandra. I get to enter another world too, and it’s one I like a lot--at least the parts where people respect one another and justice is always done. Thanks for your note!



Dear Blaize:


I must report that i just read (devoured!) all your books in the last 4 days...i am so delighted that i found you, but cannot believe i have just now discovered you!...i have been a resident of Florida for 43 yrs and have spent time on your beloved island and found everything about your writings bringing me across the state to be distinctly there...THANK-YOU for sharing your inner minds eye with us readers...i have passed your name on to those i know who need to read you!...i will re-read you again, and am looking forward to the next "volume" of Miss Dixie's' adventures...your writing is entertaining, informative and enlightening; the characters rich and believable...makes me want to be friends with them all!...what a pleasure!...

til the next volume...

warmest regards to a fellow Floridian and animal lover...

Merry Costanza...

Palm City, Fl


What a wonderful name you have! Thanks for your note. It made my day.



Dear Blaize:


A quick question. Who adopted Ghost? The fact that the cat is very spoiled is mentioned in the second book. Did Philip and his partner keep Ghost?  Or will Ghost show up in another book?

Sherri Hilgeman


I never know who’s going to show up in a book, Sherri, but for sure Ghost is still happy with Philip and his partner.


Dear Blaize:


Finally ... Kindle carries Blaize Clement! Any chance your earlier books will be carried via Kindle at Amazon? I'm a book lover, but my bookshelves runneth over! I enjoy your writing style ... makes me happy! Cheers.

Katy P.



That kind of thing is in the hands of the publisher, Katy. To tell the truth, I didn’t even know one of my books was on Kindle. I’m glad to hear it!


Dear  Blaize:


Just finished reading your latest book.  We have spent several weeks each winter on Siesta Key for the past 20 years.  One year, while visiting the little book store in the village, we found your first book.  In addition to enjoying your writing, it is so much fun to know all the places you write about.  Just this past winter, my husband and I ordered deli sandwiches at Anna's Deli and had lunch at the Village Inn.  I even asked them there if they knew they were mentioned so many times in your novels.  I have never been to your web site before and found it interesting that you were a psychologist in your previous life!  That was also my major, but I was a secondary school teacher for 36 years.

 Wanted to let you know how my group of friends--those of us who are together in Siesta--enjoy reading your books and always look forward to the next one. Stay well and keep on writing.

Cheryl  Rosenthal

Toronto, Ontario


Thanks so much, Cheryl! I’ve met a lot of “snow birds” through Dixie, and I love it. If you’re here when the next book comes out in January 2011, look for me doing book signings at local book stores.



Dear Blaize:


Picked up your book at the library yesterday (finished it this evening) and I am so delighted to find out there are more Dixie Hemingway Mysteries!  FYI, the book was Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter.  Fell in love with the character and the setting.  I have never been a Florida fan but moved here two plus years ago to be close by the parents and love reading about the other parts of Florida.  (I live in Ponte Vedra Beach, which is north of St. Augustine).  So besides making sure I get more mysteries written by you, I will now visit the Sarasota area.

Thank you for such a great read!  I am always happy to know more about my favorite authors and I truly enjoyed your "bio".  By the way, any of Rudyard Kipling's books was my mother's favorite!




Kipling is probably a generational thing, Chris. But I think today’s kids would get as big a kick out of the Just So stories as my kids did. Thanks for taking the time to write, and do come visit Siesta Key. I think you’ll love it.